In my final year of university I took part in a renowned entrepreneurial cup, it was a mentorship program. It was a highly competitive program, as a substantial monetary grant was given to the chosen one. This was enough to make any struggling student rise to the challenge. My final presentation saw me standing, terrified in front of a panel of academics and business minds. My mouth was dry, my face flushed. I took a deep breath and imagined I was talking with a dear friend, I relaxed and became immersed in the moment. Time moved quickly. At the end, an older gentleman, with grayish hair and round spectacles stood up and spoke. "You have a natural ability. Your only hindrance will be your perfectionism. Perfectionism stifles and if you let it overtake, you will never put anything out into the world.”  I listened intently. Wanting to be 'good enough' had always had a firm grasp on me. That feeling of wanting to be enough is less frequent yet is still interwoven within my tapestry. My mentors saw my essence, my spirit, my light. I walked away, cup in hand and the alchemy of those words permeated my spirit.  

The Souls project goes against almost everything I was taught. It is setting its own boundaries, breaking code, forgoing another's rules. It is its own ecosystem, a seed unfurling, establishing solid roots, growing in all directions in a magnitude of colours.  I have heard it suggested to churn out more souls and pick up the pace.  The soul's project has a way unto its own, it is driven by a calm, grounded foundation that trusts that all is on schedule. I think people get it. The ones who resonate with the soul's project are wanting the raw, steeped in authenticity. The more meaningful, a deeper intimacy…. 

 If I were to micro manage and control this project, it would never happen. The evolution would be stifled. My inner critic would save the release of souls for that one day, someday, when all was perfect. Whatever reason my mind could conjure up to keep the project safe, to keep me safe. Such a false sense of security. The souls project is a blessing. I have gleaned such insight into life, I have seen that all souls are all travelling through the messy, we all have experienced grief, pain, delight, beauty. This is to be human and to get that we are all in this together is the miracle. It brings a sense of connection, compassion and a deep sense of belonging The beauty once again I will say is in the imperfection. The flawless gives the depth, the broken makes it interesting. In a world striving for perfection, the imperfection is a delicacy, a subtle art to allow in. I am learning to reside in the the imperfection. Life didn’t go according to the perfect plan, instead it has been weaved with character, texture and a definite element of adventurous mystery. We are fine energetic beings, if something is contrived with agenda, we know! Truth and authenticity are not something to be conjured, it is a natural allowing. My offering, organic, soulful inspiration in all of its many shades. Even with the whispers of an impending other trying to rival the souls project project, I am un waivered. I am steady, grounded and am enveloped in the beauty of art, the beauty of putting it out there. Will we be outdone on the business and the marketing? probably. The heart and soul and authenticity? I wonder. In the end it really does not matter, what matters is the connection and beauty created." We didn’t realise we were making moments until we did”……………….