Kurt Vonnegut’s texts were some of the first that I studied and they have always left an imprint upon me. I have recently been reminded of Vonnegut’s idea of people, being ordered into that of Karass or Granfalloon. The former always brings a smile to my lips. Karass being a soul pod, people who resonate on a deep level, there is a purity and a spiritual magnetism. A nurturing and wholeness to this relationship, a trust, a sweetness and a deep understanding. It’s a coming together of beauty and one of truth.  In a Karass, you deeply feel your place. People brought together for a divine purpose as opposed to Granfalloon who kind of fall together, out of need, dependency, they could be in a school class together or they follow the same sports team. No deep, soul connection, the bond is shallow, lacks depth and can often be maintained for appearances, or comfort sake. Hanging with the Karass is life and joy giving, it is deep and is magical. Granfalloon quite the contrary, it can be tiring, lonely, depleting and confusing. Something we fall into and can often become stuck in. It can take lifetimes to find ones Karass, linear time has no place here when found it is worth the wait of lifetimes. 

I am having a profound love affair with the Karass. The purity of the Karass is free from dependency or expectation. Space where we meet with mutual curiosity, self-inquiry and self-responsibility and a commonality to want the best for our loved ones. After spending a delightful, essential few years in solitude learning to meet and hold myself,  I have come to a place of truly being able to sit openly in connection and love with my Karass, Karass are like a nurturing, nourishing pot of soup, healing medicine for the soul, it tastes amazing, it is steeped in authenticity, something that is handcrafted, tendered to lovingly and is comforting. It nourishes soul, spirit, bones and every cell that resides in this precious skin sack. X

Spell & The Gypsy Collective

I’ve heard it spoken that people liken Spell & The Gypsy Collective to that of some kind of religion.  This always intrigued me and as I write this, I delve into the mystery of how it is that a clothing label can have such a loyal following. In our world for the most part we are void of spirit and disconnected from self.  Surrounded by the unreal. The material has become part of our culture. Searching for the soulful can become an art and a quest as to find ones ‘own’ sacred.  

We crave authenticity, we crave something to connect us back to who we are. The muses for the Spell girls emanate the real, well travelled souls with depth, a life rich in experience and full of light and shade.  I imagine that many of us would trade the illusionary perfection for flawed tapestry. We are curious beings, our longing for the real, resides in our bones. Well travelled ain’t always pretty and the rarest of beauty lingers in the messy. Spell was built from humble beginnings, from a couple of down to earth passionate sisters whose creations have become part of our town.

Sometimes all we need is a muse, a word… it is found in a piece of art. My muse the woods, poetry, Massanet, Nietzsche. Subtleties that ignite my fire, stir my waters, evoke my passion. Offerings that call me back. It can be found in music composition, a person, a mountain, a place. Something that stirs you. Something that speaks your unique song. A reminder of who you really are. This is not be mistaken with finding external gratification to fill an immediate need. My lecture this morning was on Freud so in this moment I am extremely aware of the ‘the gratification principle’’ so often at play. What I am talking about is a word,  a flavour, a scent, a touch, a something that unlocks inner inspiration. 

What I speak of is not to be contrived, it is captured as a rarity. For me the essence of Spell brings back memories of my mama and my childhood in the 70’s. I am taken back to the simple ways. My ways as a child. In the past I have found myself nostalgic for the sweetness, the simplicity. Living amidst the woods immersed in nature has given me something I dearly missed when in the city. I craved quietude and connection to days gone by where things were slower, unadorned, where I had time to listen to the land and the pull of my heart.

Often the tiniest spark of what truly inspires is found in a texture or in a print. We are wary of consumerism and for good reason. There is a fine line between having things that awaken a piece of us and finding surface, instant pleasure in the external. I feel grateful for finding delight deep within and greatly appreciate the little reminders along the way x

the one in the field......

I have just re-read Theodore Roosevelt's 'man in the arena' quote. Today I understand his words with fresh eyes. A deeper perspective now resides in my bones. It has taken me my life journey to glean this profound lesson. 

The last many years have found me drawing on great courage to live a life true to me. One that I feel is also best for my little loves. For the most part, I have been surrounded by ones who comprehend this as they too, also committed to living soul-filled, whole hearted lives. There were also others who just couldn’t make sense of it. 

It is a new place for me to practise discernment around the opinions of others. There are views that I respect and welcome and I have learnt that there are others that don't deserve a look in. Retrospect has taught me that the one’s who are playing full out in life, are too busy to be judging and chattering about others. If another is not living a life of truth, one from the 'souls essence', then I am not interested in that opinion. It takes courage to live a meaningful life, steeped in truth and authenticity. If you are one of the many who listened to the soul aches, one who dared to risk everything for the adventure of being alive. Then I thank you for bringing the world what it really needs.

From this moment I only take on what you have to say or give it thought if you are playing in the field. If you are giving your all, taking risks, falling down, rising, bringing courage to live your fullest life. It is then that I will hear you. If you are hiding out in the back, not playing full out in your own life, then I’m not interested. 

There are my intimate few, who's opinions, I value. Sometimes I need my truth tellers, they support me in discovering who I came to be. Choosing select cherished ones. The ones I trust with all of my heart, the ones who’s motives are pure. They lovingly share the negative, free from agenda, without being mean-spirited. Discernment can make or break a person, it is a hard lesson to really get. When learnt it is, the ultimate wisdom, the greatest freedom. Surrounding yourself around healthy soul's, is the ultimate act of self-love. Those with integrity, love and boundaries, the ones who pull you up, even in the moments when you are down. 

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt

This post was inspired by the great work of my favourite scholar, Brene Brown.  Whose work moves, inspires and gives me great courage to keep stepping up even after I have fallen. 


nectar of life......

"What The One in you is truly looking for, is the nectar of life itself:
to find the fullest, grandest, most complete expression possible.
And that defines the purpose of your soul.
And there is absolutely nothing else going on. Ever!"


If you can make a point of continually working to feel this truth, flowing through the core of your soul, then you will align with destiny. With each expression of it, life will become increasing magical, mystical and simply divine. You are fulfilling true purpose. You've touched the 'sweet-spot' of life itself.

These words were written by Open hand, please see website details below/. 



In my final year of university I took part in a renowned entrepreneurial cup, it was a mentorship program. It was a highly competitive program, as a substantial monetary grant was given to the chosen one. This was enough to make any struggling student rise to the challenge. My final presentation saw me standing, terrified in front of a panel of academics and business minds. My mouth was dry, my face flushed. I took a deep breath and imagined I was talking with a dear friend, I relaxed and became immersed in the moment. Time moved quickly. At the end, an older gentleman, with grayish hair and round spectacles stood up and spoke. "You have a natural ability. Your only hindrance will be your perfectionism. Perfectionism stifles and if you let it overtake, you will never put anything out into the world.”  I listened intently. Wanting to be 'good enough' had always had a firm grasp on me. That feeling of wanting to be enough is less frequent yet is still interwoven within my tapestry. My mentors saw my essence, my spirit, my light. I walked away, cup in hand and the alchemy of those words permeated my spirit.  

The Souls project goes against almost everything I was taught. It is setting its own boundaries, breaking code, forgoing another's rules. It is its own ecosystem, a seed unfurling, establishing solid roots, growing in all directions in a magnitude of colours.  I have heard it suggested to churn out more souls and pick up the pace.  The soul's project has a way unto its own, it is driven by a calm, grounded foundation that trusts that all is on schedule. I think people get it. The ones who resonate with the soul's project are wanting the raw, steeped in authenticity. The more meaningful, a deeper intimacy…. 

 If I were to micro manage and control this project, it would never happen. The evolution would be stifled. My inner critic would save the release of souls for that one day, someday, when all was perfect. Whatever reason my mind could conjure up to keep the project safe, to keep me safe. Such a false sense of security. The souls project is a blessing. I have gleaned such insight into life, I have seen that all souls are all travelling through the messy, we all have experienced grief, pain, delight, beauty. This is to be human and to get that we are all in this together is the miracle. It brings a sense of connection, compassion and a deep sense of belonging The beauty once again I will say is in the imperfection. The flawless gives the depth, the broken makes it interesting. In a world striving for perfection, the imperfection is a delicacy, a subtle art to allow in. I am learning to reside in the the imperfection. Life didn’t go according to the perfect plan, instead it has been weaved with character, texture and a definite element of adventurous mystery. We are fine energetic beings, if something is contrived with agenda, we know! Truth and authenticity are not something to be conjured, it is a natural allowing. My offering, organic, soulful inspiration in all of its many shades. Even with the whispers of an impending other trying to rival the souls project project, I am un waivered. I am steady, grounded and am enveloped in the beauty of art, the beauty of putting it out there. Will we be outdone on the business and the marketing? probably. The heart and soul and authenticity? I wonder. In the end it really does not matter, what matters is the connection and beauty created." We didn’t realise we were making moments until we did”………………. 


I am feeling rather at peace now that my words have run dry. In the past I was very attached to my words. I had thought that my words made up much of who I was. What happens now in the silence? in the space? The space 'in between' has diverged into an extended space. I am not feeling like I am wandering, actually it's quite the opposite. I am feeling deeply connected and rooted. What once so urgently needed to be spoken about feels inordinate. Words can no longer convey existence. Perhaps I have come to a space in my own journey where I no longer need to fill the silence, I am getting really comfortable with the quietude. The old world has gone, we have entered lighter times. We get to create it! Rather than words, it is now all about, experience. The shift includes following your heart, 'do only that, which makes you feel joyous,' alive and uplifted. Surround yourself with those who get you, the ones that uplift and love you. If it resonates 'do that.’ It is our time x


A true master follows her own footprints, encoded within her before she arrived in this incarnation. Someone else may remind her, someone else may in-power her, but noone else can possibly know the unique contours of her own true-path. Only soul knows the path it is here to walk. The next step is right there inside of you, divinely imprinted on the souls of your feet. Jeff Brown


Devastation, pain, and loss often act as catalysts to cracking your heart open. Yet, it’s the act of forgiving those who participated in such pain, devastation, and loss that truly opens your heart to the point where it cannot close again. This doesn’t mean you need to trust those who betrayed you, or act as if you’re ok with the circumstances in view. Instead, forgiveness is a moment of existential gratitude where you find the depth, courage, and strength to thank each character in sight for the role they play in the evolution of your consciousness. 

Even when forgiveness invites you to thank the things you’d rather oppose, judge, or deny, only gifts of healing are offered when your willingness to change frees you from demanding change from anything or anyone else. You don’t have to like what has happened, or even love the circumstances you face, in order to thank the Spirit within each character for bringing exactly what you needed to shine as never before. Shining your light doesn’t necessarily mean feeling wonderful all the time, but being aware of a deeper spiritual reality blossoming throughout the ups and downs of life. 

Whether you’re aware of this deeper reality or not, you always deserve more love, not less. This is the heart of transformation. Matt Kahn.